Research and Planning

Research is crucial, allocate enough time in advance of any business repositioning or promotional activity to get a view on the market opportunities and feedback from customers, prospective customers. Ibis will help you research your market and your competitors to find out what they say about themselves. You may find that research throws up some surprising opportunities to improve your business, you may even find a new sales channel or product development opportunity to exploit.

Ibis can only be successful by helping to contribute to our client's success which begins with a real understanding and feel for the challenge. We work closely with our clients to research and develop strategies to achieve clear objectives and measurable outcomes. Our role is to help you plan and guide you through the marketing maze, providing you with the clearest, simplest strategies for long term success. Understanding, imagination and persistence are the real tools to successful marketing and through our philosophy of ‘test and measure' we will deliver return on your marketing investment.