Our Promise

Committed to giving you best advice and quality of execution

Our aim at Ibis Marketing is to energize and support each of our clients with quality marketing and communication. We know that providing top quality marketing advice and services is only the starting point in our relationship. For that advice to be of maximum value we need to have a deeper understanding of our clients business and culture.

To underline our commitment to these broader goals, Ibis Marketing has its own set of six client promises which we aim to live up to and by which we are happy to be judged:

1) To understand you
• Invest in understanding your business
• Study your business goals
• Keep our team up-to-date with your needs
• Take an active interest in your business
• Make your problems our problems
• Bring you fresh, creative ideas and best value

2) To provide solutions that contribute to your success
• Use our understanding to get you where you need to be
• Support your in-house departments
• Ensure you benefit from all our experience, talent and contacts
• Deliver on time within budget
• Make sure whatever we do adds value

3) To give you fair pricing and clarity on costs
• Assign people of the right experience and level
• Estimate costs in advance and give you regular, timely updates.
• Make sure you know what you are paying for.
• Bill you promptly with the information you need on the invoice

4) To give you the right team
• Bring together the best mix of skills and experience to meet your needs
• Structure our team to fit the way you work
• Respect and adapt to your internal reporting and management structures

5) To communicate clearly
• Listen first and understand the issues
• Make sure we confirm our understanding of the requirement
• Explain things as early as possible
• Warn you of unexpected problems

6) To care about our relationship with you
• Ask how well we are meeting your needs and what we can do to improve our service.
• Listen - and respond quickly
• Do all we can to give you what you need with good humour and with as little stress as possible.
• Remember - that we are all human