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Ibis Launches enews system

With a database full of potential customers hungry for new ideas  and offers it is essential you choose the right partner for perfectly designed and delivered e-newsletters. Promoting your organization and its services via email through a database is one of the most  flexible and cost effective means of direct marketing

We'll advise you on what will work best to keep your subscribers interested while enabling you to achieve your most important business objective - gaining and retaining new business.

With over 10 years experience in online communication we've developed many tried and tested techniques for effectively delivering the right message to the selected target audience.  With increasing numbers of ecommerce applications and data capturing websites we are ideally placed to help maximise marketing effort to customers and potential customers across the globe.

The Ibis system will help you design and develop your email templates and ensure deliverability of your communication. We will deal with duplicates and bounces automatically from within the system with address control and bounce management processing. New email addresses delivered to the system through web forms and other databases are automatically checked for duplicates or syntax errors. The key advantage to all of this is that your address database is constantly updated, maintained and permanent 'unavailable' addresses are deleted.

Incorporated within the system is a powerful statistics programme where you can track in real time exactly who opens your mail, who clicks each link, which addresses bounce and so on. The opportunities for analysis are endless.

It is calculated that online marketing spend will double by 2012 with email, search and display advertising accounting for 18% of total media budgets in Europe. Promoting your organisation and services via email is one of the most powerful, flexible and cost effective means of direct marketing and therefore imperative that you select the best partner to maximise the opportunity of customer acquisition and retention.

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