Ibis Environmental Policy

We're doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment by applying responsible actions to recycling, reduction of waste, sourcing ethically and minimising our energy use.

This is one area we can be very proud. Where possible our staff work from home offices with communications made possible through high speed broadband technology. We save fuel and time on commuting to work and additional office heating. Everything is switched off when not at work and all bulbs are low energy. When buying new equipment energy efficiency is always considered with old equipment recycled whenever possible.

All stationery is produced from recycled or a sustainable sources and when using the office printer paper is printed on both sides and cartridges are recycled. Whenever possible we use electronic communications.

All paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and office products are recycled.

The printing industry is responsible for a great deal of volatile organic compound emissions and as a communications company we handle a great deal of print for our clients. We are therefore in a unique position to encourage the use of recycled, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

We use electronic PDF proofs whenever possible.